sublimated Glitter

Sublimation on Glitter – The Next Big Thing?

Sublimation (or dye-sub) has been around for many, many years. it’s been used to make some of the wildest motocross jerseys, soccer jerseys and even mouse pads and mugs. If you’re not familiar with dye-sub, look to the kiosks in your local mall. If there’s a kiosk that takes your photo and applies it to a mug or a puzzle or a mouse pad, chances are that the proprietor is using sublimation. If you’ve ever seen a motocross jersey that is totally covered in a custom print, that’s sublimation as well. How about the cos player at Comic Con wearing the perfect Spider-man or Batman costume… sublimation as well! The major downside to sublimation is that for garment printing, you have to apply to polyester. What if you want to sublimate on cotton or dark garments? What if you want an effect like glitter? Well, in the past, the answer would be “sorry”! Thankfully, those days are gone! Print god makes a Glitter material that is perfect for sublimating on! The process is simple:

  • Cut just the shape of your design using Print god Glitter
  • Print the sublimated graphic of your design using a sublimation printer and transfer paper
  • Tack the glitter shape to your garment for 1-2 seconds at the temperature required for the transfer paper
  • Peel the carrier from your glitter while it’s hot
  • Lay your sublimated design over the top of your glitter shape.
  • Cover with a cover sheet and heat apply. Sublimation usually requires a high temperature and a long dwell time
  • After application, peel away the transfer to reveal your awesome design!

Combining sublimation and  Glitter opens up new avenues in decoration. Cheer, dance and fashion designs will never be the same! If you currently sublimate,  there’s no limit to what you can create!